daryl_headshotDaryl a talented designer with decades of experience, a vision for interiors and a gift for helping people in transition. Having moved countless times, living in six states and currently owning several properties in Wilmington- Daryl understands the challenge of selling a home first hand, knows what it’s like to move and how to decorate in style!

Working with influential interior designer Susan Thorn in her teens, Daryl has worked in design and sales ever since. She landed a job directing a major gallery in New York right out of college and was awarded The Above and Beyond Award at Ethan Allen for being creative, compassionate and consistent. Direct, practical, and honest Daryl enjoys helping people achieve the results they hope for.

Let us help ease the stress of moving and bring some joy to the equation.

Improve the look

If you’re selling your house we will improve the look of your home - while you’re living there or once you’ve moved out or if you want to rent it out.

Transform your house

We can transform your home by adding or removing furniture and accessories. We will advise you on ways to do this yourself or do it for you.

Remodel your dream house

If you’re moving into that dream house or trying to remodel some aspects of your home, we can work together to get the look you want to achieve.

Full Services

DESIGN RESULTS use floor plans,verify measurements, make materials selections, arrange for painting, deliveries, draperies, furniture placement and more as needed.

Ocean Front/Beach Rentals & Sales

The details/changes you approve or simply leave to the discretion of Design Results can put your home at the top of the list in the rental market.

Designing for a new Look

Organization is key in showing an occupied home too. Let DESIGN RESULTS get you on your way. Remember we give you options in how much you want to do and spend.

Material Selection in Remodeling

Let the folks at DESIGN RESULTS run all over town for you. We will request, buy, borrow and return samples to bring to the home to compare with other materials under consideration in the remodel.

Side Services

Why compare shops for your beach home while you’re in town? Simply enjoy your time at the beach? Design Results can save you a lot of time running around for you!

Our Packages

Go ahead and pick up the phone! Call Daryl at 910.616.4374 to see if an on-site evaluation is the right choice for you. There is no charge or obligation involved.

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