What is it about paint colors?

Things that make you go hmmmm,

  1. Ever wonder why a certain shade that you love in a friends house looks awful in yours?
  2. Why does blue look green when you thought it would look great with your hardwood oak floors?
  3. Why do the kids fingerprints show everywhere?
  4. Now that they’ve colored with crayons all over the wall, what can be done?
  5. Why does all the touch up in the hall look horrible?
  6. Why on earth does the same color looks different around the corner?


Light, color mix, and paint choice. That’s it.



(Answers below)

  1. If your friend’s warm grey walls look olive drab in your house you might have Northern light. Go lighter!
  2. Blue (walls) plus yellow (floors) make green. Sorry.
  3. Try an eggshell finish rather than a flat. It wipes clean.
  4. Try a specialty paint to protect your walls from the little artists. Relax!
  5. Flat paint is easier to touch up than eggshell, there’s no sheen.
  6. When natural light changes abruptly so does the piant color. Change the LRV (light reflectance value) by using the same color but up or down on the paint sample strip.

Happy painting… and remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!


Daryl Rosenbaum
Allied ASID

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